A normal attack is any attack executed by pressing a single button. They are denoted by the button you press to execute that attack.

Examples Edit

In the Street Fighter series, the normal attacks are Light Punch, Medium Punch, Heavy Punch, Light Kick, Medium Kick, and Heavy Kick. Among American audiences, these attacks are sometimes also referred to as Jab, Strong, Fierce, Short, Forward, and Roundhouse, in that order.

Command Normals Edit

Command normals are executed by pressing a single direction and a single button at the same time. In most 2D fighting games, not everyone has command normals, and as such are not universal inputs. Command normals are usually named, unlike regular normals.

Command normals tend to have different properties than regular normals; for example, they may hit high or low instead of mid.

Examples Edit

In the Street Fighter series, Ryu has a Command normal called 'Collarbone Breaker', executed by pressing ⇨ + MP. This move is an overhead.

Alternate Names Edit

Street Fighter series: Unique Attack