This is a quick glossary of terms for fighting games. For more information on them, please visit the associated page.

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8-Way Run: A movement paradigm in the Soul series. Press and hold a direction and your character will move in that direction.

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Blockstun: Buffer:

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Command Normal: Any attack executed by pressing a direction (usually forward or back) and a single button. Usually does not refer to moves made while crouching.

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Normal: Any attack that can be done by pressing a single button.

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QCF: Quarter Circle Forward. Refers to the motion

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Special: A move usually executed with some combination of directional motion followed by a button press. These are usually the most iconic moves of a character and are generally named.

Super: A move usually executed with a more complex motion then that of a Special. They are stronger then Specials but usually expend Meter.

Stun: A period of time where your character is unable to do anything for a while. See also: Blockstun, Hitstun, Recovery

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