Stun refers to the period of downtime when a character is unable to perform any action for any reason. The different causes of stun tend to be given different names.

Hitstun Edit

The period of time when a character flinches after being hit with an attack is known as hitstun.

Recovery Edit

The period of time after an attack is executed where a character cannot do anything is called recovery. The recovery for several attacks can be cancelled by chaining them into other attacks; this is the bread and butter of the combo system of many games.

Blockstun Edit

The period of time after an attack is blocked where the defender cannot act. In some games, such as in BlazBlue, this can be reduced by either inputting guard just as the attack would hit, or using some sort of barrier, allowing the defender to change his momentum and press an offensive.

Special stuns Edit

In several games, there are unique types of stun, usually dependent on the game itself.

  • Stagger refers to a special type of extended hitstun with unique animation, where the character being hit takes a few steps back.
  • Crumple refers to a sort of hitstun where the character slowly collapses in place to the ground. An example of this would be connecting with a Focus Attack in the Street Fighter IV series.
  • Helpless is a recovery period unique to the Smash Bros. series. After air-dodging or performing a recovery move, a fighter will be helpless and cannot act until they touch the ground or flinch.